Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I have not been a good blogger but then again Im not surprised - firstly I have been overseas but also when I'm in the middle of a project i dont seem to be doing much else except finding ways to escape all other activities ( my poor family ) to persue the work ...the itchy spot which can only be satisfied with making the stuff inside my head into a real material project.
Further confessions - I have been stretching myself further and to my detriment of course as I have at least 5 serious projects on the go. The film about Ellis Rowan has a disastrous hickup as part of it is stuck in a hard drive. I dont want to say much more except that hopefully the good folk at a friendly TV Channel will do me a great favour and try to get it out!!!
I have also written a play and this will hopefully become a fabulous production in the next few months which will be performed with the Mysterious Theatre Research Institute on the most beautiful and very sexy bus theatre.
Also The scetch book project which is a fun and indulgent way to wilt away a few afternoons - more on that later. Then there are some more paper puppet kits and some new hand made book workshops to come in 2012.
So where to start?
Well, as I have been in the River STUDIO for over a year now i should give you a glance at my work space. My sanctuary of chaos, glue , fabric and paper.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back to Book business

I have a few new books on the go - one of which ( above ) is called GADERU - and its a subject very close to my heart ....I can not spoil it and will get back to the studio to finish it off in the next few days as it needs to be put in a very large envelope and to flown to the other side of the world. One small problem- the studio is flooded - torrential rain has wrecked havoc but I think it has spared my space - others were not so lucky. But then again my Buddhism studies remind me about IMPERMANENCE. Working with paper ( oh I have some lovely paper lately ) its something one has to get used to - its not the most sure thing material - which is kind of half the fun.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

work on the film continues

I've just noticed that I haven't had time to do any blogging since I got my studio....well thats understandable really. I have been busy, very very busy and loving it. Still trying to work out how to squeeze more time out of a day.
Although as I also teach Buddhism I should know that time doesn't actually exist. Well, the dishes exist and the kindergarten holiday break exists and so do the many hungry mouths which seem to be sitting in my kitchen.
I digress...
The Flower hunter film is going well -
So far we have managed to shoot a third of the scenes. I make a few sets then we shoot - my amazing cinematographer Kasia Kadziela has a great eye for detail. We work so well together!!! She was a gem of a find.

The studio itself has been great - the building is slowly coming alive. Although I have to admit I enjoyed the quiet too. I spent many nights all alone in the whole building...well, not really alone but alone with my puppets.

75 artists have been moving in - a few of us have been there all the time since we got the keys , while others have had other projects and are only now arriving.
The big launch happened last week - lots and lots of guests , the Mayor of Melbourne made a speech but most importantly the studios were open.
So for the first time we were able to see each other's work. Very inspiring things are going on there. A few pieces took my breath away. It was good to meet everyone properly since I dont have time to socialize when i'm there. Its just nice to know
there are other people in the building who are day dreamers , working away in their own little worlds

( pfew- I'm not alone!)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The new work space

Oh - I'm so overwhelmed and excited by the beautiful new space to work in that I can hardly stay away. The fabulous scheme by Melbourne city council has enabled us artists - around 60 actually to move in to a warehouse filled with beautiful light. They have constructed the divider walls with recycled materials - old door,s windows etc and we are walking up those many stairs with hand fulls of art materials. The place is already starting to smell like terps - ah - heaven!!!The fabulous painter, dear old friend and co - hoarder of STUFF - Leonie and I will have 40 square meters to share !!!!
I love the surrounding environment of port life - ship cranes and containers all around and the Maribyrnong River out the front - the city just behind the trees ...all good but the best part is the space inside. My dear friend and amazing print maker John Ryrie - also a new tenant - has already moved in his kettle and we have had a ceremonious first cut of tea together. And last night while the sky lit up with fireworks for Australia day - which we could easily see from our window -we unpacked our many many bits and pieces and gave them a new home...hopefully for a few years...more news to come soon

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rose St. Artists's Market

I'll be at the Rose St. market this Sunday and the next two following Sundays - with my puppets , brooches and bags and hand made books- so come and visit me if you can!!! i will be battling the urge to splurge as there are always amazing things hand made by other artist...oh so irresistible original pieces of work. I shall keep the rule tho - the only worthwhile rule to follow at a market
( other then do not have that vegie burger with that horrible sauce )- do not spend until you have sold something.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The making of the Girl in the well

I really didn't have time to enjoy this project - I made it in such a was on my mind at the most inconvenient time but I just had to do it. It was really an impulse- my lovely Thai friend was staying with us, I had no studio and no time. But everyone was so helpful, my beautiful friends Joey and Arturo invited me to use their spare room - which I quickly covered with paint and paper and more paper and more paint. And I managed to make 5 copies of this book - 25 pages - each with an individual lino cut - hopefully I will have some time to make more or at least a printed version......

Tree - the hand made version

Tree ...


It has been brought to my attention that I haven't really got much of my "Tree" book on the blog. This book really started my journey into hand made book making . And seeing that it will be published this year I thought it was nice to revisit it .
I really learnt so much from it. It was a crazy idea to start with but it has lead me on a completely new creative path so I will always have a soft spot for it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

I managed to make a few new puppets before Christmas but regrettably had to put it all away as my house really needed a clean out of all the paper, fabric, glue, paint...etc which has crept into our living space - no idea how that happened
( really )
- I had a break from all creative endeavors - except answering my 4 year old's tricky questions and cooking.....baaa, I did notice one thing...the house runs much better when I pay it some attention ...but sadly I am unable to give up my work just so my kitchen and bedroom looks more civilized. Sad but true.
Still waiting to move into my new studio - which should be happening in the middle of this month. It has been a painful wait - but walls were being built and other important details. More on that later.
But my itchiness is getting unbearable - I will try and hold out just a little longer - the idea of having a break was great but really...its too hard to turn off the creative mind - vodka and wine are really not that helpful ( I know that ).
There are so many projects to complete till June - till my daughter and I fly away from the Antipodes and rejoin the universe in many exciting projects.
I better stick to the main one tho....puppets for the film.
Trying still not to do much for a few more days..................still trying.......I think I will paint my front fence.........

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas paper doll for you to cut out



Friday, December 10, 2010

details of my favourite page

Sometimes things just work - as they did for me on that page - I love the green and the texture.....I'm all about texture. I recently met a few cinematographers willing to work with me on my puppet film - I showed them all photographs of my work . The one who said ..." Oh, I love the texture..." got the job - she saw what really want to get across in a visual way ...Kasia - you will hear more about her soon as we get into the Flower Hunter project .....anyway side tracked completely ...the green page is my favourite page to date - my previous post explains the project. I really like the fact that i hadn't planned anything - it was all born out of that colour and the beautiful paper my dearest friend from Thailand had brought for me. The figures are actually from wrapping paper - wow ! That's what I call wrapping paper.

a book about hand made books

I made this funny book without any planning as a proposal for a book festival then I sent it away into the world.
It was really a lovely feeling to get up one day and produce a book - I used all sorts of bits and pieces as usual - wood, fabric, lots of interesting paper and a few of my photos -
The book talks about the surprising amount of people who would like to make a book , people like to make them with their children, cooks and geneologists like to share their secrets, poets and artists like to show their work in a new stories which need to be told all end up as hand made books.
Its beautiful, a singular experience and I highly recommend it