Monday, October 5, 2009

at the begining there is an end is sight

So I start near the end of my first hand made book.........and I think to myself...why ??? Why did I pick this day dream to become the strange creature is has become. I never thought of myself as an illustrator and here I am with a near finished children's book- all written and illustrated by myself....I do really know why...the answer lies in become a mother.
RULE NO 1- when you are creative and become a parent the big war of guilt begins
RULE 2 - it never ends- your two babies forever making you feel bad that you are not spending enough time with one rather then the other.

So what to do ?

Combine the two.

I have always thought of myself as a writer and they say everyone has at least one children's book in here is mine.

It's a reaction to not being creative for a couple of years- staring at my daughter Maya, thinking of her, looking at her, loving her, getting used to her.....the creative voice at the back of my head chocking on baby poo smell.....ah, a dream really...the voice being faint with lack of sleep first , then through lack of time.

But then a small window opened - my partner Stone was having a break in his studies so I took A BIG LEEEEEEEEEEEEEP- and got myself a little studio....oh. I love my little's a space I haven't had for so long....a space to the book was born

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