Wednesday, October 28, 2009


this is something that will come up quite often- I am the master of side tracking- a curse. This was a serious hindrance in my studio in the late afternoons, I blame the warm winter sun actually- the warm yellow light would creep in and everything morphed into magic. Even the pencils seem beautiful and so I would start taking photographs.......this is my life's problem - a jack of all trade - writing, photography, theatre???????????? they all pull me in their own direction. Some times hijacking me using serious means ie ; the aformentioned sunshine to lure me.
I guess that's why my little book turned out the way it did- using all sorts of mediums .
The next day dream is puppets - I held off as long as I could - I didn't let myself make one until all the illustartions were finished and now a puppet family has been born. I will introduce you to them shortly..........

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