Thursday, November 12, 2009

And then somehow a simple piano gets a room of its own- This is definitely my favourite illustration from my silly little book. My lovely 9 year old assistant drew the little fish which ended up a trophy and my step son slaved over cutting out of the books- while he was suspended from school. He could have been doing much worse things...but instead he was hanging out with his evil step mother in the studio. He just doesn't fit into the institution- I fully understand that as I was always the quiet yet still square peg....there's something about lining up and waiting for someone else to decide what I am allowed to do......
luckily I don't have that problem in the Temple where I line up for my lunch, or my chanting book ( in Chinese which I don't understand) ...anyway, that was a tangent. I guess it's just another form of side tracking...which by the way has been going really well.
It seems some puppets have demanded I make them in the last few weeks....the less time I have the more things keep coming out of my funny brain and transforming themselves into a real material object.

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