Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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lino cut
funny story
I have a friend from way back ( he's dislexic so I can write freely - he would never spend time reading a blog - ha, ha- ps- I'm not laughing at dislexics- some of my favourite family memebers are dislexic )
so this friend is wildly talented- he makes wood cuts so beautiful , so meaningful and so skillfull - I think he is finally being respected for it but he spent many years subsidising his art by kitchen-handing.
I have been thinking about him one windy day while I was at the studio, I have been day dreaming how i could coax him into doing an illustration book with me-
meanwhile I was carving the lino WHEN i looked out the window and saw him walking by ...I wanted to wave and yell out but ...really how could I when the master of wood cuts would then see my childish, high school level attempt at lino cutting. So I let him walk by and thought I will bump into him surely- I always do....have I seen him!!!
He has dissappeared- not in the way where the police should be involved but just holed up somewhere carving his wood.
Never mind, I will wait- I have written a story especially for him and will pounce on him the next time I see him appear back in the real world ( well, lets not get into that banal question of what is real - Buddhism clearly reminds me- that everything is an illusion)

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