Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas paper doll for you to cut out



Friday, December 10, 2010

details of my favourite page

Sometimes things just work - as they did for me on that page - I love the green and the texture.....I'm all about texture. I recently met a few cinematographers willing to work with me on my puppet film - I showed them all photographs of my work . The one who said ..." Oh, I love the texture..." got the job - she saw what really want to get across in a visual way ...Kasia - you will hear more about her soon as we get into the Flower Hunter project .....anyway side tracked completely ...the green page is my favourite page to date - my previous post explains the project. I really like the fact that i hadn't planned anything - it was all born out of that colour and the beautiful paper my dearest friend from Thailand had brought for me. The figures are actually from wrapping paper - wow ! That's what I call wrapping paper.

a book about hand made books

I made this funny book without any planning as a proposal for a book festival then I sent it away into the world.
It was really a lovely feeling to get up one day and produce a book - I used all sorts of bits and pieces as usual - wood, fabric, lots of interesting paper and a few of my photos -
The book talks about the surprising amount of people who would like to make a book , people like to make them with their children, cooks and geneologists like to share their secrets, poets and artists like to show their work in a new stories which need to be told all end up as hand made books.
Its beautiful, a singular experience and I highly recommend it

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The LOVE project - flower hunter

I've been doing a bit of spray painting- its the same technique I used on my daughter's wall only more elaborate. This is a backdrop for the film - this is where Ellis Rowan will hunt for her flowers
And its the love project because I love it - this is the project where creativity wins and sleep, housework and all other activities except mothering become hazy and small. If only I could spend just one whole month of my life doing it - it would be all finished and my little creative brain all satisfied ...The story has been in my head for a good ten years- I have researched and read about her a long time ago - only the way to tell the story was not clear ...............but now;
it is oh, so so clear !

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The fun I've had- as usual one of my "side" projects . I'm trying to simplify the original design and make it less work for me- yeay- and still lots of fun for others.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My hand made books in a bunch

I am hoping to get a new studio - so I can get on with making more and more and more- there just isn't enough time in a day. I have a few new book projects on - but the little film project is creeping in and I have just spent a few days making sets and
puppets- it's always so exciting to get my teeth into a creative endeavor. Yummo!!! Still hard to work out how to balance it all with running a houshold....I'm sure this one will never be solved- The motherly guilt kicks in all to often. But I have been giving up sleep so I can persue my far too many projects.
Also will be running a course on hand made book making next month. It will be exciting to find out what kind of book people would like to make.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Homage to the artisan

In my recent research of visual travels- I came across these beautiful prints - exhibited at the 1902 Exhibition in India. It got me thinking about the developed world and how it has almost lost all of its artisans. Craftsmanship is sadly replaced by the MADE IN CHINA tag .
The art of carving or engraving or weaving or paper making which had been passed on from father to son, mother to daughter or Master to apprentice is completely obsolete in our world. The idea of knowing how to do something really well, to practice it all your life is so simple and so fruitful in itself and its a great shame it's not part of our consciousness any more. May be only the art of instrument making is still appreciated and of course the whole revival of hand made things is all about re visiting the idea but its not going to change the way the world moves.
In my local area of Footscray there is a Jeweler from Ethiopia- his father taught him how to work with silver when he was only 8 years old. I treasure and pay homage to him and others like him !!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

sequence 1

sequence 2

THE GIRL IN THE WELL- is the first book I have ever made with only illustrations- I actually just noticed that. This journey of book making has really expanded my vision of what story telling is. I have made it to tell a story to a particular person as it's an image i saw in my head.
I only made 5 books as they are all have original lino cut prints so it was quite a task - there are 25 pages so - so that's 125 pages for all.
It really is a please to do something completely non commercial as there are no limitations. Not that I have many commercial considerations as all of my projects come straight from my gut but there are other things to consider when you plan to sell a work.

the girl in the well - a flip book-sequence 3

The girl in the well

I made a quick, secretive little book recently - well it's actually quite big but i wanted to keep it quiet as it was a surprise for a friend. The book is about her, her personal journey so I though it was only fair she see it before anyone else.
Luckily she approved it !!!
I had a lot of fun making it as I again experimented with new techniques and as usual it came out completely different to the original plan.
I especially loved playing with the lino cuts- I love printmaking but I'm trying not to side track too much.
For my book TREE - I just did the title as a lino cut print but stopped myself from doing any other. But it is so much fun- I think the tactile nature of it is so appealing.....but no no more......I have far too many ideas.
same thing with the paper cut outs - I tend to do little trial ones- which I should photograph really.They are a really good learning tool for me as I'm pretty awful at visualizing the outcome so they are always a surprise result as well.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I've just been rummaging through the State library for some material on Melbourne of the 1880's and the fashions worn- as Im about to make some puppets for a new and most exciting project....more soon

Monday, September 13, 2010

short story volume I - II - III

So I have finally managed to put together a few stories in book form. It has been on my mind for a while and I finally did it! I have always liked the idea of individual stories having their own life in a larger collection. I have plenty of stories so I will try and add one at least once a month. Someone should remind me tho as I'm still drowning in inspiration together with lack of time. At least spring makes me want to spring out of bed- not that the three year old ever sleeps in - but I have been finally catching up on correspondence.

VOLUME I - Melted ice- cream -
is an old story I wrote based on an an old photograph. I found these amazing glass negatives from 1903 in a junk shop in St.Kilda about 20 years ago. ( When there were still junk shops around. ) Oh, what a treasure !! I had my own darkroom at the time ( oh, the lovely smell of fixative...) so I printed them up. I just fell in love with this one particular photograph of some children on a old fashioned carousel on the beach. I just kind of fell into the picture and came out again with a story.
The story is kind of eerie even though the picture is about fun but I saw it as a moment in time- a moment of fun before something ...

VOLUME II - The best time of her life -
is really a satire piece about the misconception that improving yourself on the outside will lead to happiness

Is set in a small town in the 1950's Australia. Also written years ago and very strange as I was a city person when I wrote it but I later lived in a small town which was seemed incredibly similar. Well, at least the people . Now that's eerie.
The story is about how two unrelated events in the town together cause a very big change in the community and bring out the worst in people.

There is one thing which I didn't notice at all until I put these stories together and that is they all have a very major link- all end pretty much the same in a way...but of course I can't reveal that or it would spoil it. I have made only 6 copies of each and so they may not be for sale outside a literary festival setting. May be later as the collection grows it will be a fun thing for a few people to collect. A kind of antithesis of a blog.