Sunday, January 10, 2010

THIS IS LEO- he's a bit of a mystery- I'm not sure if I trust him completely...he seems a bit of a renegade, a rebel...and what about the bat in his hair? Doesn't he wash? Doesn't he know he has a bat living in his hair? Doesn't he care?

HERE SHE IS- JAGODA - her name translates to Blueberry - my number one puppet- the most important little creature in my studio- she reins over all puppet making- she is my SHaman puppet.
It is said in puppet making circles that you must have a Shaman puppet - who will look over you while you make all the others.......she is quite lovely and I truelly love her. But I don't underestimate her - she has already made me MAKE some companions for her- apparently it will take THREE Shaman puppets in order for me to make all the others quite freely..

Friday, January 8, 2010


A New Year with new inspiration, my only problem - as - usual - will I have the time to get everything done?
So far on the menu;
An almost completed Polish Cook book -food for the warmer months-
yes it will be hand made, quite small and very offordable- more updates in a month or so!

Also in the works - vintage puzzle and fun book
vintage colouring book
all hand made of course

Any many many new and exciting library bags- full of beautiful and fun illustrations

Then I have written a few new children's stories one of which my friend is currently illustrating ( it won't take her so long to get it done )-

MOST exciting though .... the puppets have been born!!!

Even though I am suppose to be doing something else ( ie - finishing the book projects) puppets have been on my mind and in my dreams. So I just do what they tell me- I will introduce you to them next week.

Lastly and most importantly my lovely friend- k. has officially become my agent- so things will be happening fast. She is a woman of great ideas, many solutions and ingenious ways so I consider myself very very lucky!!!
She is harricaine woman- she gets things done so she will make me work lots and lots and fast!!!
pfew, I'm tired just thinking about it but am very excited!!!
Watch out 2010- the creative year of new things!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

having a little summer break- I hope you all are too.

Our camping trip has given me an idea for a new story - it's really a true story and it's pretty unbelievable - as life often is. It's about a possum who STOLE our food ( including the chocolate- which made the chocoholic- not me- but I'm not naming any names very sad)