Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm running a workshop this weekend about hand made books - or how to make one - at the Williamstown Lit fest. It should be fun- being able to talk about something I love doing _ I don't know if one hour is enough- I could just keep on talking.
It will follow a short course at the Altona Library - but I'll announce the details of that later.
So wish me luck!!!
I only have three copies left of the book I made- I just have no time to make more...but may be I'll be forced to- which would be great as I have had many requests.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I walked passed my old studio today- looked up at the window and winced....I miss it! Just having a space for my work, all the tools,materials there......and that afternoon light

Sunday, April 18, 2010


My little empire started with Wildgoose books - which was my hand made book- you can see it's beginnings at the start of this blog

Now there is also Wildgoose Theatre - which is where the puppets live. But they in turn also got me making other funny paper products- you will see them soon- which will be under the banner of
wild wild goose.

The name came from Wildgoose Pagoda- which is from the story of MONKEY - the one which later became that strange and wonderful TV Series. Monkey brought back the Buddhist cannon from India to China and took it to Wild goose Pagoda.

As a Buddhist it signifies for me the beginning - as I feel that my Wildgoose has given me the courage to let my creative work out of the drawer.
Also I like the idea of it being a wild goose chase as I am not really sure if creative expression ( 0r at least MY- creative expression ) is a legitimate use of time on this planet.
But its all about finding out.

puppets are taking over

It all started with having made a little Maya puppet - Maya being my daughter and her lovely friend who she's known all her life was going away away to the other side of the world - so I made him a little portable friend.
Then suddenly it all came back to me- theatre, puppets , the magic.
I grew up back stage of a theatre , my father being an actor and puppeteer in Poland, so I spent many hours waiting for him so I got to wonder around exploring the secrets of that world and it must have stuck in my subconscious

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Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates