Thursday, May 6, 2010

the Williamstown Lit Fest

Let me set the scene- a cold and rainy Sunday- who would come to a lit fest when they could be in bed- snugly reading the Sunday papers. But no, the troupers came out and made a spectacular effort to come and see us strange writer people.
I have to say I was so happy to be there...
I could tell you stories about sharing tea with a very popular children's writer ( not as exiting as it seems)- in the green room - ( well, as green room a room can get at the Town Hall ) .
I will tell you how hard the amazing organizers worked - you can tell its their baby- all dedicated to the cause of books and writing...
but really I just want to tell you about the wonderful people who came to my workshop.
I was planning to be quite nervous but somehow the topic of making hand made books and such a open audience made it all go away.
I was so happy to hear that many of the people already had an idea for a book. Mostly it proves my theory that its a very popular day dream. And I really, really hope that I can be the person who helps it become a reality.
Lovely ideas abound - all involving wanting to make a book to share a thought or a story or an idea with family and friends.
One lady was planning a family recipe book for her daughters wedding , another a crochet- er wanting o display her work in a book form, another wanting to use her lithographs and Julie Noonan- a very generous supporter who has been wanting to make a book with her little son. i just love all those ideas and thoughts and am so glad people are driven to make them into real, hand made books.
The one who stole the show for me was a grandfather who has made a book for his grandchildren out of SAIL CLOTH. that is - he has a boat and a ripped sail and a little voice said to him- hm...what should we do with this, shame to waste it...I know ...lets make a hand made book for the littlies...i is really amazing!!!

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