Tuesday, June 22, 2010


How does it happen? - I started out writing a book for my daughter ( apparently I'm a writer or so i thought) then somehow I did the illustrations,then decided to make a hand made version- then puppets popped into my head and then I had another paper idea - and here it is....

I'm so inspired by vintage illustrations - i was thinking how to share them for all of us to get joy from them. I don't mean that in a fluffy way - but really they are so beautiful and fun I wanted them to have a second life- so I made them into brooches. We don't know who drew them originally but we can still appreciate them.
I'm hoping to have an Etsy store in a few weeks but first we need to eat lots of Thai food as my Thai friend arrives to help me out for a few months. I'm trying really hard to not include anything about food in this blog but really I am a very big foody person but I'm trying not to talk about it .......cooking is a wonderfully creative activity ...oh, no it slipped out. Lets get back to paper and brooches.....many many many brooches have been born at my house lately.
It's a little side line activity when i'm tired and can't think anymore I just cut out paper- very relaxing.

wounded swan puppet show

Great work - my kids are stars!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Buddhism class kids puppet show

What a great show- the kids have worked but it payed off.
The story is about Prince Siddartha ( who later became Buddha ) and his compassion towards a swan which was shot down with an arrow by his cousin Prince Devadatta. The kids seemed shy in rehersal but during the show they were load and clear - it was fantastic.
I have been one of their teachers at Fo Guan Shan Temple in Melbourne this year and I just didn't want it to be like a boring sunday school - so we try to have lots of fun!!! They made the puppets and the scenery themselves. They are absolutely beautiful children.
They are even sitting still for a 5 minute meditation session - which is a fantastic!