Thursday, September 23, 2010


I've just been rummaging through the State library for some material on Melbourne of the 1880's and the fashions worn- as Im about to make some puppets for a new and most exciting project....more soon

Monday, September 13, 2010

short story volume I - II - III

So I have finally managed to put together a few stories in book form. It has been on my mind for a while and I finally did it! I have always liked the idea of individual stories having their own life in a larger collection. I have plenty of stories so I will try and add one at least once a month. Someone should remind me tho as I'm still drowning in inspiration together with lack of time. At least spring makes me want to spring out of bed- not that the three year old ever sleeps in - but I have been finally catching up on correspondence.

VOLUME I - Melted ice- cream -
is an old story I wrote based on an an old photograph. I found these amazing glass negatives from 1903 in a junk shop in St.Kilda about 20 years ago. ( When there were still junk shops around. ) Oh, what a treasure !! I had my own darkroom at the time ( oh, the lovely smell of fixative...) so I printed them up. I just fell in love with this one particular photograph of some children on a old fashioned carousel on the beach. I just kind of fell into the picture and came out again with a story.
The story is kind of eerie even though the picture is about fun but I saw it as a moment in time- a moment of fun before something ...

VOLUME II - The best time of her life -
is really a satire piece about the misconception that improving yourself on the outside will lead to happiness

Is set in a small town in the 1950's Australia. Also written years ago and very strange as I was a city person when I wrote it but I later lived in a small town which was seemed incredibly similar. Well, at least the people . Now that's eerie.
The story is about how two unrelated events in the town together cause a very big change in the community and bring out the worst in people.

There is one thing which I didn't notice at all until I put these stories together and that is they all have a very major link- all end pretty much the same in a way...but of course I can't reveal that or it would spoil it. I have made only 6 copies of each and so they may not be for sale outside a literary festival setting. May be later as the collection grows it will be a fun thing for a few people to collect. A kind of antithesis of a blog.

Write around the Murray Festival

Sorry for the long break ... been busy ; I have just returned from Albury N.S.W. where I was invited to do some demonstrations of book making at the Library Museum.
There seem to be many poets in that region who feel the need to make a hand made book of their work- I hope they will stay in touch so I can see the results.
It was a very interesting trip and I met lovely, lovely people who put together a great lit fest . We are very jealous of their fantastic space at the Library - Museum - and I might add those two institutions really complement each other. To
have resources of the library as well as great exhibition space really works.
I'm on a mission to get people to send me pictures of the books they make as it will be a fascinating record, especially after having met them and seen their enthusiasm.
I'm hoping the students of my next course in November will finish their books so we an have an exhibition