Monday, September 13, 2010

short story volume I - II - III

So I have finally managed to put together a few stories in book form. It has been on my mind for a while and I finally did it! I have always liked the idea of individual stories having their own life in a larger collection. I have plenty of stories so I will try and add one at least once a month. Someone should remind me tho as I'm still drowning in inspiration together with lack of time. At least spring makes me want to spring out of bed- not that the three year old ever sleeps in - but I have been finally catching up on correspondence.

VOLUME I - Melted ice- cream -
is an old story I wrote based on an an old photograph. I found these amazing glass negatives from 1903 in a junk shop in St.Kilda about 20 years ago. ( When there were still junk shops around. ) Oh, what a treasure !! I had my own darkroom at the time ( oh, the lovely smell of fixative...) so I printed them up. I just fell in love with this one particular photograph of some children on a old fashioned carousel on the beach. I just kind of fell into the picture and came out again with a story.
The story is kind of eerie even though the picture is about fun but I saw it as a moment in time- a moment of fun before something ...

VOLUME II - The best time of her life -
is really a satire piece about the misconception that improving yourself on the outside will lead to happiness

Is set in a small town in the 1950's Australia. Also written years ago and very strange as I was a city person when I wrote it but I later lived in a small town which was seemed incredibly similar. Well, at least the people . Now that's eerie.
The story is about how two unrelated events in the town together cause a very big change in the community and bring out the worst in people.

There is one thing which I didn't notice at all until I put these stories together and that is they all have a very major link- all end pretty much the same in a way...but of course I can't reveal that or it would spoil it. I have made only 6 copies of each and so they may not be for sale outside a literary festival setting. May be later as the collection grows it will be a fun thing for a few people to collect. A kind of antithesis of a blog.

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