Monday, September 13, 2010

Write around the Murray Festival

Sorry for the long break ... been busy ; I have just returned from Albury N.S.W. where I was invited to do some demonstrations of book making at the Library Museum.
There seem to be many poets in that region who feel the need to make a hand made book of their work- I hope they will stay in touch so I can see the results.
It was a very interesting trip and I met lovely, lovely people who put together a great lit fest . We are very jealous of their fantastic space at the Library - Museum - and I might add those two institutions really complement each other. To
have resources of the library as well as great exhibition space really works.
I'm on a mission to get people to send me pictures of the books they make as it will be a fascinating record, especially after having met them and seen their enthusiasm.
I'm hoping the students of my next course in November will finish their books so we an have an exhibition

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