Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The girl in the well

I made a quick, secretive little book recently - well it's actually quite big but i wanted to keep it quiet as it was a surprise for a friend. The book is about her, her personal journey so I though it was only fair she see it before anyone else.
Luckily she approved it !!!
I had a lot of fun making it as I again experimented with new techniques and as usual it came out completely different to the original plan.
I especially loved playing with the lino cuts- I love printmaking but I'm trying not to side track too much.
For my book TREE - I just did the title as a lino cut print but stopped myself from doing any other. But it is so much fun- I think the tactile nature of it is so appealing.....but no no more......I have far too many ideas.
same thing with the paper cut outs - I tend to do little trial ones- which I should photograph really.They are a really good learning tool for me as I'm pretty awful at visualizing the outcome so they are always a surprise result as well.

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