Friday, December 10, 2010

details of my favourite page

Sometimes things just work - as they did for me on that page - I love the green and the texture.....I'm all about texture. I recently met a few cinematographers willing to work with me on my puppet film - I showed them all photographs of my work . The one who said ..." Oh, I love the texture..." got the job - she saw what really want to get across in a visual way ...Kasia - you will hear more about her soon as we get into the Flower Hunter project .....anyway side tracked completely ...the green page is my favourite page to date - my previous post explains the project. I really like the fact that i hadn't planned anything - it was all born out of that colour and the beautiful paper my dearest friend from Thailand had brought for me. The figures are actually from wrapping paper - wow ! That's what I call wrapping paper.

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