Thursday, January 27, 2011

The new work space

Oh - I'm so overwhelmed and excited by the beautiful new space to work in that I can hardly stay away. The fabulous scheme by Melbourne city council has enabled us artists - around 60 actually to move in to a warehouse filled with beautiful light. They have constructed the divider walls with recycled materials - old door,s windows etc and we are walking up those many stairs with hand fulls of art materials. The place is already starting to smell like terps - ah - heaven!!!The fabulous painter, dear old friend and co - hoarder of STUFF - Leonie and I will have 40 square meters to share !!!!
I love the surrounding environment of port life - ship cranes and containers all around and the Maribyrnong River out the front - the city just behind the trees ...all good but the best part is the space inside. My dear friend and amazing print maker John Ryrie - also a new tenant - has already moved in his kettle and we have had a ceremonious first cut of tea together. And last night while the sky lit up with fireworks for Australia day - which we could easily see from our window -we unpacked our many many bits and pieces and gave them a new home...hopefully for a few years...more news to come soon

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rose St. Artists's Market

I'll be at the Rose St. market this Sunday and the next two following Sundays - with my puppets , brooches and bags and hand made books- so come and visit me if you can!!! i will be battling the urge to splurge as there are always amazing things hand made by other artist...oh so irresistible original pieces of work. I shall keep the rule tho - the only worthwhile rule to follow at a market
( other then do not have that vegie burger with that horrible sauce )- do not spend until you have sold something.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The making of the Girl in the well

I really didn't have time to enjoy this project - I made it in such a was on my mind at the most inconvenient time but I just had to do it. It was really an impulse- my lovely Thai friend was staying with us, I had no studio and no time. But everyone was so helpful, my beautiful friends Joey and Arturo invited me to use their spare room - which I quickly covered with paint and paper and more paper and more paint. And I managed to make 5 copies of this book - 25 pages - each with an individual lino cut - hopefully I will have some time to make more or at least a printed version......

Tree - the hand made version

Tree ...


It has been brought to my attention that I haven't really got much of my "Tree" book on the blog. This book really started my journey into hand made book making . And seeing that it will be published this year I thought it was nice to revisit it .
I really learnt so much from it. It was a crazy idea to start with but it has lead me on a completely new creative path so I will always have a soft spot for it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

I managed to make a few new puppets before Christmas but regrettably had to put it all away as my house really needed a clean out of all the paper, fabric, glue, paint...etc which has crept into our living space - no idea how that happened
( really )
- I had a break from all creative endeavors - except answering my 4 year old's tricky questions and cooking.....baaa, I did notice one thing...the house runs much better when I pay it some attention ...but sadly I am unable to give up my work just so my kitchen and bedroom looks more civilized. Sad but true.
Still waiting to move into my new studio - which should be happening in the middle of this month. It has been a painful wait - but walls were being built and other important details. More on that later.
But my itchiness is getting unbearable - I will try and hold out just a little longer - the idea of having a break was great but really...its too hard to turn off the creative mind - vodka and wine are really not that helpful ( I know that ).
There are so many projects to complete till June - till my daughter and I fly away from the Antipodes and rejoin the universe in many exciting projects.
I better stick to the main one tho....puppets for the film.
Trying still not to do much for a few more days..................still trying.......I think I will paint my front fence.........