Monday, January 3, 2011

I managed to make a few new puppets before Christmas but regrettably had to put it all away as my house really needed a clean out of all the paper, fabric, glue, paint...etc which has crept into our living space - no idea how that happened
( really )
- I had a break from all creative endeavors - except answering my 4 year old's tricky questions and cooking.....baaa, I did notice one thing...the house runs much better when I pay it some attention ...but sadly I am unable to give up my work just so my kitchen and bedroom looks more civilized. Sad but true.
Still waiting to move into my new studio - which should be happening in the middle of this month. It has been a painful wait - but walls were being built and other important details. More on that later.
But my itchiness is getting unbearable - I will try and hold out just a little longer - the idea of having a break was great but really...its too hard to turn off the creative mind - vodka and wine are really not that helpful ( I know that ).
There are so many projects to complete till June - till my daughter and I fly away from the Antipodes and rejoin the universe in many exciting projects.
I better stick to the main one tho....puppets for the film.
Trying still not to do much for a few more days..................still trying.......I think I will paint my front fence.........

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