Thursday, January 27, 2011

The new work space

Oh - I'm so overwhelmed and excited by the beautiful new space to work in that I can hardly stay away. The fabulous scheme by Melbourne city council has enabled us artists - around 60 actually to move in to a warehouse filled with beautiful light. They have constructed the divider walls with recycled materials - old door,s windows etc and we are walking up those many stairs with hand fulls of art materials. The place is already starting to smell like terps - ah - heaven!!!The fabulous painter, dear old friend and co - hoarder of STUFF - Leonie and I will have 40 square meters to share !!!!
I love the surrounding environment of port life - ship cranes and containers all around and the Maribyrnong River out the front - the city just behind the trees ...all good but the best part is the space inside. My dear friend and amazing print maker John Ryrie - also a new tenant - has already moved in his kettle and we have had a ceremonious first cut of tea together. And last night while the sky lit up with fireworks for Australia day - which we could easily see from our window -we unpacked our many many bits and pieces and gave them a new home...hopefully for a few years...more news to come soon

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  1. This space looks just fabulous! How exciting to have such an area, the lovely light, and a good friend to share it with. I always think I'm a loner (just as well, I suppose) but I can appreciate how amazing it would be to belong to a community of artists. Congratulations! Be happy and fruitful there.