Wednesday, April 13, 2011

work on the film continues

I've just noticed that I haven't had time to do any blogging since I got my studio....well thats understandable really. I have been busy, very very busy and loving it. Still trying to work out how to squeeze more time out of a day.
Although as I also teach Buddhism I should know that time doesn't actually exist. Well, the dishes exist and the kindergarten holiday break exists and so do the many hungry mouths which seem to be sitting in my kitchen.
I digress...
The Flower hunter film is going well -
So far we have managed to shoot a third of the scenes. I make a few sets then we shoot - my amazing cinematographer Kasia Kadziela has a great eye for detail. We work so well together!!! She was a gem of a find.

The studio itself has been great - the building is slowly coming alive. Although I have to admit I enjoyed the quiet too. I spent many nights all alone in the whole building...well, not really alone but alone with my puppets.

75 artists have been moving in - a few of us have been there all the time since we got the keys , while others have had other projects and are only now arriving.
The big launch happened last week - lots and lots of guests , the Mayor of Melbourne made a speech but most importantly the studios were open.
So for the first time we were able to see each other's work. Very inspiring things are going on there. A few pieces took my breath away. It was good to meet everyone properly since I dont have time to socialize when i'm there. Its just nice to know
there are other people in the building who are day dreamers , working away in their own little worlds

( pfew- I'm not alone!)

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