Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I have not been a good blogger but then again Im not surprised - firstly I have been overseas but also when I'm in the middle of a project i dont seem to be doing much else except finding ways to escape all other activities ( my poor family ) to persue the work ...the itchy spot which can only be satisfied with making the stuff inside my head into a real material project.
Further confessions - I have been stretching myself further and to my detriment of course as I have at least 5 serious projects on the go. The film about Ellis Rowan has a disastrous hickup as part of it is stuck in a hard drive. I dont want to say much more except that hopefully the good folk at a friendly TV Channel will do me a great favour and try to get it out!!!
I have also written a play and this will hopefully become a fabulous production in the next few months which will be performed with the Mysterious Theatre Research Institute on the most beautiful and very sexy bus theatre.
Also The scetch book project which is a fun and indulgent way to wilt away a few afternoons - more on that later. Then there are some more paper puppet kits and some new hand made book workshops to come in 2012.
So where to start?
Well, as I have been in the River STUDIO for over a year now i should give you a glance at my work space. My sanctuary of chaos, glue , fabric and paper.

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